Everyone (that means YOU) can edit a page, for instance to fix a typo, correct an error, update or precise a point, or add a new piece of information. And it's EASY!


  1. Go to the page you want to edit
  2. Press the Edit This Page button, at the top of the page
  3. Edit, either in the Visual editor (by default. What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get) or in the Text editor (very easy as well)
  4. Once finished, press on the Save button.
That's it!

Revert to a previous version

Ooops! You made a mistake and now the page you tried to edit is all mixed up? You would like to revert to the previous version? It's easy, once you know where it is hidden:
  1. Go to the "History" tab
  2. Click on the date of the version you want to revert to
  3. Click on "Revert to this version"
  4. Enter a comment (optional) and click on the "Revert" button.

And you are done!

As you can see, you can't do anything wrong. If something fails, you can just revert to the previous version and start again.

Want to make a safe try?

If you would like to edit a page but are afraid of making a mistake, you can try and edit the Test page.